Sample Simple Resume Format

Every candidate is different, therefore every resume should be exclusive. It should highlight your professional achievements and exposure.

Simple resume format


Phone number (Mobile & Home)

Email address:

Linkedin Profile:

Current Location:


A brief statement describing your professional skills, your experience, and your strengths. A snapshot of your experience, in a number of years.

Professional Experience

  • Start with your present/current employer: (Bold Letters)
  • Duration (Month/Year – Present) (Bold Letters)
  • Designation/ Job Title: (Bold Letters)
  • Work Location: (Bold Letters)
  • Job Role/ Responsibilities: (Writes 10-15 Lines about your current job role)
  • Major Projects (Highlight projects, value, year, Handover, project completions details)

List of all employment 10 to 15 years. Focus on the relevant experience

List the name of the Company. Also the location.

A brief description of the company.

Your title. Or titles if you had more than one title.

Dates of employment

Do not include your salary expectations in your simple resume

Use  strong action verbs, such as managed and initiated

Include cost savings, such as % and $

Repeat the above for each position in the simple resume format.


  • Name of University or College. Also the location
  • University Degree or College Diploma
  • Graduation date

Certification and Training

Under this section of your simple resume format, include:

  • Any relevant skills not listed under professional experience
  • All courses, workshops, and seminars
  • All relevant computer skills
  • List any certification including training
  • Foreign Languages. Only list if this would be an asset.

Personal Details

  • Very few simple resume formats include this section.
  • Do not list your personal details, such as age or marital status. Unless asked to do so.
  • Don’t list anything that does not apply to the job that you are applying for. Also, do not include hobbies.


This section of the simple resume format is optional. Depending on the requirements of the job that you are applying to.


In this section, list memberships


  • Contact your referees and prepare a list to give to the employer when asked.
  • Include references available upon request. Some list the references in the simple resume format. But I don’t recommend doing so. Unless you are asked to do so.

Resume Writing Tips

  • Don’t include salary expectations in your resume.
  • Use bullet points instead of paragraphs, to make your resume easier to read.
  • Proofread your resume. Correct all spelling and grammar mistakes.

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