How to answer what is your expected salary question.

Initially, it is best to not give a dash figure. Say I am happy to negotiate salary. Or I am sure we will agree on the salary. It is easier to start with a higher salary than to start with a low salary. Because it is not easy to get a high pay rise quickly. If you do not negotiate, you could lose more over the course of your career.

Delay answering what is your expected salary

  • If your expected salary is less than their budget, you may miss out on a higher salary.
  • And if your expected salary is higher than their budget, they may eliminate you.

When to answer what is your expected salary

  • In online job applications, they ask what is your expected salary. Try to avoid giving a figure.
  • At the interview, salary expectations come up. Indicate that you are negotiable.
  • Let the boss decide to hire you first. Then discuss salary.
  • However, the boss may ask you a second time. Say something like: “career path is most important to me”. But this does not mean that the salary is not.
  • If the boss asks for a third time, then it is best to give a $ figure.
  • After the offer, negotiate a higher salary. So this is the why it is best to delay answering what are your salary expectations.
  • So always negotiate after they offer you the job. But before you accept the offer. Be serious in your moves.
  • If you have 2 job offers, it is much easier to negotiate. Then decide which offer suites you best. Be careful, so you do not end up with no offers.

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