Career Advice

Sample Simple Resume Format

You can use this simple resume format sample, whether you are a CEO, dentist, teacher, engineer or nurse. Also you can use this for all other professions. Simple resume format Name Phone number Email address Summary A brief statement describing you, your experience and strengths. Professional Experience Start with your present / last employer List of all employment 10 to

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Sample Cover Letter for Child Care

Sample cover letter for Child Care below is for online applications. Modify this cover letter for Child Care for each job. It is a short and simple cover letter sample. You can use this childcare cover letter for all Child Care jobs. Including Child Care Teacher, Child Care Assistant, Child Care Worker and Child Care Educator. In addition to Montessori

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Job Message Queue

Serving the community a better open channel to extinct their potential. Job Message Queue deliver the service of Job Messages between the Job Seeker and Job Provider.